Pioneers in Research

Pioneers in research, Davis EyeCare has brought the first extended wear soft lens to the United States, Acuvue disposable lenses, Freshlook opaque colored lenses, post- dilation lenses, rigid gas permeable lens designs, bifocal lens designs in soft and rigid lenses as well as fusion contact lens technology to the market.

Davis EyeCare has been one of the principal developers of the membrane lens and novel therapies such as Soothe™, providing relief to patients with dry eye syndrome. Internationally recognized for contact lens designs and refractive technologies Davis EyeCare has educated other doctors to provide therapies for positive visual outcomes from eye disorders.

Specializing in disfigured corneas and enueclations Davis eye care has cosmetically transformed injured corneas, scars and discolored ocular surfaces such as jaundice to look normal in appearance.

Davis EyeCare strives to be on the forefront of new technologies and therapies, conducting many investigational studies in the office.