Our favourite sunglasses for summer

The summer fashion season has arrived and that includes having the right pair of sunglasses to pair…

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How to manage your spring eye allergies

Allergy season is here! As the trees and flowers begin to emerge from their winter slumber, so…

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Navigating eye wellness in the workplace

Our workplace situation has never been more dynamic. While some people continue to work from home, others…

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Introducing our second eye doctor clinic in Orland Park!

At Davis Eyecare Associates, we believe in providing the best eyecare to our patients. That’s why we…

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Our Springtime eyewear favorites

Spring fashion season has arrived! This year, eyewear is taking on a whole new look with fun…

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Our guide to eye injury prevention

October is Eye Injury Prevention Month. Each year more than half of all eye injuries are a…

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Keratoconus: Contact lenses, treatment & cost

As research continues to discover new and more advanced ways of treating keratoconus, eye care professionals are…

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Back to school children’s eyecare tips

Your child’s visual health is important, but it can be tricky to detect vision or eye health…

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Travel guide for contact lens wearers

Vacation, anyone? Now that summer is in full swing, there’s no better time to dust off the…

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