Articles by our Optometrists

Kalas K, King B. Getting a Better Look at Glaucoma – Modern Optometry. Modern Optometry, October 2019

Determining Multifocal Parameters for a Better Fit August 15, 2016

Staging Ectatic Diseases: A Therapeutic Approach December 1. 2015

Specialty Lens Designs for “Normal” Eyes February 1, 2015

Contact Lens Wear Dropout: The Top Reasons: Here are the most popular reasons for discontinuation and how you can successfully address them February 2011 pp 44-52

Advanced Technology in Contact Lenses: Key technologies incorporated into contact lens practice can help improve specialty lens fitting success rates Contact Lens Spectrum Feb. 2011 pp 24-29

Hybrid Lenses and Lens Care Systems: This study examined hybrid lens wearers’ preferences and compatibility with different lens care systems Contact Lens Spectrum June 2010 pp 38 – 45

Hybrid Contact Lens Management: This fitting and patient selection approach can increase your success with hybrid lens fitting April 2010

A Rational Approach to Fitting Multifocal Lenses: Meeting presbyopes’ visual needs is possible with proper multifocal lens design and material selection February 2010

The SMART Study: Background, Rationale, and Baseline Results: This long-term longitudinal study aims to answer the question of whether ortho-k can control myopia October 2009

Comparing Hydrogel and Silicone Hydrogel Torics: This study compared toric lenses for daily wear and monthly replacement March 2009

Comparing Two-Week Toric Contact Lenses: How a hydrogel toric lens stacked up against two silicone hydrogel toric lenses February 2008

Special Fits for Special Eyes: Soft toric tailored to patient’s corneal architecture. February 2007

An “Essential” Approach to Multifocal Fitting: Two practitioners offer guidelines for how to succeed with fitting a particular family of multifocal lenses. November 2005

How to Keep GP Lens Wearers in Your Practice: Prescribing GP lenses offers challenges, but many rewards to your contact lens practice. October 2005

Techniques for Improved Soft Lens Fitting : Applying predictable, scientific fitting strategies can offer your patients the best possible lens fit. August 2005

A Shift in Presbyopia Management: A new study compares two methods of managing this common condition. February 2005

Integrating Corneal Reshaping In Your Practice We have several options to discuss with myopes who want to wear contact lenses, but corneal reshaping has changed dramatically. Let’s take a look. November 2004

Grow Your Practice with GP Contact Lenses: GPs can provide a specialist identity for the optometrist while solving anomalies and building a loyal patient base. August 2004

Contact Lens Options for Presbyopes: Satisfying your presbyopic patients has never been easier. Here’s a review of some of the options that are available to this patient demographic. April 2004

Refitting Soft Lens Patients With GP Lenses Consider GP lenses for your patients when soft lenses don’t make the grade. October 2003

Pinpoint Success with GP Multifocal Lenses: Learn basic guidelines for fitting all types of GP multifocal lenses and specific guidelines for fitting lenses in each design category. October 2003

Choosing Successful Multifocal Patients: Target potential multifocal wearers by giving your patients the multifocal contact lens option and performing patient screenings. September 2002

Finding the Right Fit with Multifocal Lenses: Use these prescribing pearls to find the optimal prescription. February 2002