Contact Lens Evaluation

By Law, What is a Contact lens prescription?

The new fairness to contact lens patient law states that the patient must have an eye examination, eye health tests and contact lens evaluation to make sure the ocular structures are healthy. It is mandatory, according to the law, to perform these professional services. Our fees are based on the expertise and knowledge of our doctors who have fit thousands of patients with specialty contact lenses. Our doctors are experts in keratoconus, post-surgical corneas, astigmatism, bifocal and continuous-wear contact lenses.

Contact lenses cannot be dispensed without a valid contact lens prescription. A contact lens prescription cannot be written for a patient until the doctor has released the patient from an initial fitting and follow-up period of not more than 6 months.

What is a Contact Lens Evaluation?

  • Evaluation of the health of the front surface of your eyes
  • Map of your eyes with a computerized diagnostic instrument
  • Biomicroscopic evaluation of your lids, cornea and tears.
  • Testing the eyes ability to wear contact lenses or improve vision
  • Discuss new technology and your available options
  • Contact lens application and modification if necessary
  • Instruction of insertion, removal and care of contact lenses if needed.

There is a nominal fee charged for contact lens evaluations, starting at $95.00, but can increase depending on the complexity of the case. This charge is usually not covered under most vision insurance plans.

After completing a contact lens examination, your doctor will analyze results, design or redesign contacts lenses to meet the eye’s specification and wearing ability, and start the contact lens fitting process. Once lenses have been fit, they are to be worn 1-2 weeks to determine comfort and vision. We strive to make sure the patient is successful wearing contact lenses, and will work with you until you are happy.

We offer all contact lens patients our service agreement for continuous contact lens care.