Why Your Child Should See The Eye Doctor

We often assume that there is really no need to take your child for an eye exam with the eye doctor until they are much older or start to complain about a lack of being able to see the blackboard. The logic is, their school nurse or pediatrician does a yearly eye exam, so why does my child need to see the eye doctor?

The reality is, it’s extremely important for your child to visit the eye doctor for a yearly check-up. Our Chicago eye doctors recommend starting around the age of 4 or 5. While it’s true their distance vision may be fine, the eye doctor can detect many issues potentially realted to the eyes. Do they work properly together? Is there a lazy eye? Is there vision issues with close objects?

Because visual and seeing is one of the main components of learning, being able to see well, with the eyes moving as they are supposed to, is vital. If your child has undetected visual or eye issues, it can affect their learning and success in school.

Give us a call to schedule an eye exam today for your child so we can make sure they are seeing well and set up to succeed in school.