Color Vision Correction with ChromaGen

Color Vision results from the action of three color vision receptors with three different color mixing properties. The ratio of activities between red, green and blue color mixing photoreceptors enables the total color vision perception. There are three types of color vision deficiencies; monochromatism, dichromatism and anomalous trichromatism.

Monochromatism is the condition whereby the patient is truly color blind and sees only shades of one color and white. Dichromatism is the condition whereby the patient has two functioning photoreceptors and has reduced color vision. Anomalous trichromatism is an incomplete functioning of one or more of the photoreceptors. Although all three photoreceptors may be present, the patient still exhibits defective color vision.

ChromaGen lenses in both contact lenses and spectacles uses filters to make comparative changes in the brightness of colored objects in order to produce assistance in recognizing colors. The ChromaGen lens can be expected to improve general color perception, make colors brighter and clearer, allow shades of color naming, improve the safety of color deficient patients, and improve the performance on color vision tests. ChromaGen lenses have been successful for vocational use to electricians, electronic engineers, graphic artists, police officers, sign writers, textile workers, photographers and others.

If you are experiencing gradual or distinct changes in your color vision or clarity of vision as you grow older, you are not alone. Age related changes in the crystalline lens and retina begin as early as age 40, with clinically detectable abnormalities in color vision prevalent in 90 percent of people by age 65. ChromaGenAging Vision Enhancement Lenses are designed specifically for this age group.

The ChromaGen lenses work through a new technology that alters the wavelength of colors as they enter the eye. The concept is not a new one. By selecting the right kind of filtering component that we add to the lens, we can greatly assist the eye in discriminating colors. As we modify the light that enters the retina, colors are instantly recognizable. The ChromaGen lenses can be put in any frame and made to fit any corrective prescription.