Vision Insurance – Use it or Lose it

With vision insurance plans expiring at the end of the year, time is running out to claim the benefits you’re entitled to. Why not act now, rather than lose them for good?

Your vision insurance plan provides you with a range of excellent benefits, that you can use for the duration of the plan.

There is no reimbursement if you don’t claim, and in most cases, unused benefits can’t be rolled over to the next year, yet it’s surprising how many people still find themselves in this predicament as the new year draws closer.

Long Term Eye Health

Eye Health

Plans from providers like Davis Vision insurance are a great option for looking after your vision and eye health, especially if you regularly attend eye exams and/or wear glasses or lenses. They give you access to benefits like an annual eye exam, and an allowance for prescription glasses and contact lenses, along with discounts on anti scratch or glare coatings and other lens enhancements.

These benefits can improve your quality of life and help you to maintain good eye health.

An annual eye exam is an effective way of spotting early signs of eye problems. Conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) begin with small changes in your eyes that you may not notice yourself. Early detection means an optometrist can put a treatment plan in place for you in a timely manner to prevent the condition from progressing further, thus improving your chances of saving your vision.

New Glasses?

New Glasses

With an allowance for new frames, you’ve got the freedom and flexibility  to upgrade or get a back-up pair in case you lose or break your current pair without breaking the bank.

Even if it’s just to keep up with the latest fashion, why not use your allowance? With the festive season approaching, now could be the perfect time to refresh your look.

We work with major eyewear retailers, and also sell our own frames online website, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect frames for you.

Lens Replacement

If your eyesight has changed during the year and you need a new prescription, glasses lenses are covered in your plan too. Not replacing out-of-date lenses can harm your vision and accelerate any degeneration in your sight.

Plans also include discounts on lens enhancements that can improve the enjoyment you get from your glasses, including photochromic or transition lenses that adjust automatically to the light conditions you’re in.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

If you’re a contact lens wearer, or are thinking about trying them out, often frame allowances can be allocated to a contact lens consultation and fitting, so you can explore more than one option of vision correction whilst staying within your desired budget.

Now or Never

With the end of the year approaching, it’s definitely time to get your eye exam booked in, buy those glasses, or try out those lenses that you’ve been thinking about using your insurance policy!

If you’ve got any questions about your vision insurance or want more information about using your vision insurance plans online, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.