Do you have health or medical insurance? If so, do you know what’s covered when it comes to your eyes? Probably things like accidents and injuries, maybe diseases such as glaucoma or keratoconus. It certainly won’t offer routine eyecare at a reduced cost. This is where vision insurance comes in.

Vision insurance – what’s covered?

Like health and medical policies, there is a range of different vision insurance policies on offer, with different levels of cover. The main difference between health and vision insurance is that while health insurance protects you against costs if you are injured or become ill, whereas vision insurance is more of a wellness benefit. It’s aimed at keeping your eyes healthy by giving you reduced-cost eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses.

Do I need vision insurance?

If your vision is 20-20 and you expect it to stay that way for many years, vision insurance may not be for you, but not many of us can say that. If you have regular eye examinations and wear either glasses or contact lenses, then vision insurance is likely to save you money. You can get a policy for as little as $17/month with a company like VSP, saving you over $400 a year.

Choosing an insurance policy

You may be lucky and have vision insurance included with your employee package, but if not, you should look at the policies available to you as an individual or family. With many people spending hours in front of a screen these days, chances are high that your family will need to wear glasses or contacts. Most policies work out cheaper if you buy as a family rather than individuals.

You’ll also want to think about the type of glasses or contacts you prefer to wear. Are you happy with a basic pair, or do you want anti-glare, impact-resistant or another specialist lens type? This could influence the policy level you choose.

Protecting your vision for the future

By purchasing vision insurance, you are more likely to attend regular eye exams to be sure you get the most out of your monthly payments. These eye exams are incredibly important, as they are about more than testing whether you are near or far-sighted. The tests carried out in an examination could flag up a potential problem. The majority of eye problems and diseases can be treated more easily and successfully if they are spotted early.

Visiting an optician with vision insurance

Most vision insurance providers will require you to visit an eye doctor that is part of their network of approved providers. Davis EyeCare Associates is a provider for many different insurance companies and is used to dealing with queries about plans and cover. Call our office at (708) 636-0600 to talk to our eye doctors in Oak Lawn about Davis Eye insurance or contact us online today.