Strong And Stylish – The OVVO Optics Way

Nestled at the crossroads of strength, style, and serious craftsmanship is a brand that revolutionized the eyewear industry – OVVO Optics. If you’ve never heard of OVVO, prepare to be impressed. And if you’re already a fan, get ready to fall in love all over again.

A legacy of durability and design

OVOO Optics manufacturing

Image source: OVVO Optics Instagram

OVVO Optics’ dedication to creating superior eyewear begins with an unparalleled commitment to craftsmanship. Each pair of OVVO frames passes through an astonishing 85 steps of meticulous production, ensuring impressive quality each time. From the drawing board to the face of the wearer, every stage in OVVO’s crafting protocol is executed with precision and care, embodying the brand’s core values.

But what does ‘quality’ truly mean in eyewear? For OVVO, quality is about material stability, functional features, and a timeless design that resonates with its diverse clientele. The marriage of aesthetics and practically engineered strength results in a pair of the most durable eyeglasses that can withstand the daily hustle and bustle, maintaining their integrity against the test of time.

Engineered to last

When it comes to materials and technology, OVVO Optics does not cut corners. OVVO’s eyewear is crafted using their patented surgical steel and titanium, making them among the lightest and most durable frames worldwide. You know you’re getting superior quality when OVVO Optics employs materials commonly found in the medical field – a clear indication of their hypoallergenic and skin-friendly properties. They have also created one of the lightest, thinnest wood frames in the world, containing stunning textures and tones of exotic woods, all sustainably harvested from sources around the world.

In addition to their robust materials, OVVO’s screwless hinges are engineered to withstand a pulling force of 90 pounds – an assurance that these spectacles adapt to your lifestyle instead of the other way around. The 3D adjustable nose pads, complete with replaceable silicone pads, cater to comfort and customization, bringing a personalized fit to each wearer.

To top it all off, OVVO is the first and only brand to bring diamond-like carbon nanotechnology to its eyewear, ensuring that every frame possesses the characteristics of a diamond, making them virtually scratch-proof.

A frame for every face

Ovvo Frame Display

OVVO Optics doesn’t just promise durability; it delivers exceptional design and aesthetic variety. Whether you’re into the modern, sleek look or prefer the timeless aviator silhouette, OVVO has a wide range of frame styles to suit anyone’s taste. The brand’s frames come in a myriad of colors and materials, from classic black to vibrant reds and blues, ensuring there’s a perfect pair for every mood and occasion. No wonder they’re an award-winning brand!

But it’s not just about the physical frames; it’s about the confidence they add to the wearer. A well-chosen frame can enhance your features, elevate your look, and even boost your confidence. This consideration of personal style alongside durability makes OVVO a one-stop-shop for those looking for more than just a functional accessory.

Discover OVVO at Davis Eyecare

As we celebrate OVVO’s commitment to quality and style, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of this pioneering brand. Visit your local Davis Eyecare eye doctor in Oak Lawn or Orland Park and explore OVVO’s collection – a force to be reckoned with and an investment in strength, style, and your vision.