Buying Eyeglasses Online vs. In-Office

These days, we seem to buy everything online! From books to clothes, toys to shoes, and everything in between, it’s all at our fingertips. And so it is with eyeglasses as well. Rather than the traditional method of ordering through your trusted eye care professional, people are more and more relying on online stores for their eyeglass purchases.

While these sites may claim that they offer “not-to-be-beat” prices and convenient to-your-door delivery, the significant disadvantages of ordering online, when considered, seriously outweigh any apparent advantage they claim to provide. There are many aspects of customer service and accurate filling of prescriptions in which your trusted family optometrist here in Oak Lawn is far superior to any online service. Some of the major advantages of purchasing from your trusted eyecare professional are:

SAVINGS AT OUR OAK LAWN EYE CARE CLINIC VS. “ONLINE SAVINGS” Many online retailers will tell you all day about their “low prices” and “great deals.” You know, the ones that you are supposedly unable to get when ordering from your optometrist? The truth is that, most of the time, while the price on some online sites initially appears to save you money, these sites will usually cost you more money at the bottom line than if you order from your local Oak Lawn eye doctor’s office.

At Davis Eyecare Associates, we maintain special relationships with eyeglasses manufacturers that allow us special deals and savings which we then pass on to our patients. Special rebates for our patients is one common example of these savings, and we are always happy to send these in on your behalf. These savings allow our eye care team to cut costs for our patients at the bottom line. In contrast, online services are often unaware of these rebates or require you to redeem them on your own in order to save money on your eyeglasses.

RELATIONSHIPS & EXPERTISE FROM OAK LAWN EYE CARE PROFESSIONALS Like with any online store, online vendors of eyeglasses see you as a faceless consumer, with nothing special about you, in particular. To your trusted eye care professional at Davis Eyecare, you are a patient in our care. The aim of the online store is to sell you a product. The aim of your eye doctor is to help you look and see your best, and safeguard your long term eye health and visual comfort.

We put a big emphasis in our office on maintaining a personal relationship with each and every patient, in order to help identify and fulfill your unique eye care needs. The same cannot be said about online retailers. Our eye doctors will go to great lengths not only to measure your exact prescription, but also to take into consideration things such as your face shape, the way your lenses will look and feel with certain frames, and what size and type of frame will be most comfortable and provide you with the best vision.

Where each type of frame will sit on your face is also an important consideration our eye doctors will help with. This influences what part of the lens your eyes will be looking through, which is especially important with bifocals and other multifocal lenses, since an improper positioning of the lens in front of the eye can make proper viewing through the different vision zones especially difficult or impossible.

A professional, trained and educated eye doctor with whom you have a personal relationship is more likely to fill the prescription correctly the first time, and fix it if there is a mistake, than an online retailer whose training is customer service or sales oriented, and with whom you share no personal connection beyond their desire to sell you their products.

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